Come and visit the Toy Museum (since1999)

This permanent, the largest exhibition in the Czech republic, is becoming popular, not only hang with us but also in abroad, as videnced by public tours from Japan and even interest in  Japanese TV. Children and  also adult visitors of museum to my surprise, the latter  is the largest in number.  Recollecting and then perhaps feels ??getting younger??while  looking at a Toy  which once he or she played.In which museum can you succeed? Admiring the panel of locomotive, controlled by digital, many  figurines  walking aroud in an old town market-square,or   a spinning Ferris wheel. The speciality of our museum are mainly doll rooms and dollhouses, equipped to the smallest detail.Most of the toys are of European origin,but some way from Ceylon or rare  kitchen  sets from distant Japan. Further more we  exhibit dolls of all kinds  and sizes,or horses, cars, collections of baby sewing machine,or trains, steam engine, and those  are all between  1860 and 1945. Even though our museum had extensioned a little  larger in 2004,there are still a lot of old toys in the repository, for which there are no spaces. This local castle is also home to the Regional Museum which also  appeared in Japanese TV and travel agencies. The tourists come among other things for his favorite composer  Bedrich Smetana, who worked there from 1844 to 1848.